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About us

Philosophy of Scale Studio

The proportion of space are applied to all buildings and spaces; and this relationship has to be harmonized with the observer. The observer not only sees and feels the proportions of a door and its relationship to the space and the wall, but he measures them against his own dimension. This intimate relationship is called Scale.

Scale Studio is a design office formed to serve and meet the client’s needs and requirement: be it from interior design, project management and branding, the design processes that the team adopts are all accustomed to its conditions and context set out, each approach for the project are met with passion, rigor and in-depth exploration of the most befitting design approach.


About the Team

The lead designers of Scale Studio are graduates with Master’s Degrees in Architecture and have worked in different renowned Architecture Firms. The team believes in the invention of the most intelligent form and space for the everyday utility, and in our case, to operate with an aim to uncover limitless boundary of scale and proportion, creative spaces and design.

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  • Bright House

    The clients, a newly wed couple wanted a bright and cosy home, whilst having opportunities for the flexible use of…

  • Getaway House

    With an extensive balcony that overlook the lush greenery, we want to bring the nature into the house by blurring…

  • Woody House

    The couple wanted a home where they could relax after a day hard at work. They imagine their dream home…

  • Type 00

    Population and income growth are the two most powerful driving force behind the demand for energy. Since 1900, the world…

  • FundHive Gallery

    Scale Studio was commissioned to invigorate the interior of a show flat for the launch of a Residential and Hotel…

  • Plyroom

    The approach for Plyroom was meant to be minimal; for comfort and for the mind to relax.

  • Bench

    As an epilogue of the closing ceremony "Fields of Dreams - Tribute to the National Stadium" held at the National…

  • Toyhouse

    The brief was to design a house that displays the client’s affection - a toy collection which consists of Ironman…

  • Fernvale House

    Type: BTO 3 Room Location: Singapore Status: Completed  

  • Tavistock

    Type: Landed Location: Tavistock, Singapore Status: Schematic Design Stage Situated at Tavistock Avenue near Serangoon Garden, the Semi-Detached House was…

  • Waterbay

    Type: EC Location: Singapore Status: In-progress        

  • GIP Office at OCBC

    Type: Commercial Location: OCBC Centre, Singapore Status: Completed The design drew inspiration from the idea of transparency with the intent…

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390 Orchard Road, Palais Renaissance
#14-04 Singapore 238871

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