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  • H020_d’Leedon


    Type: Condominum Location: d'Leedon, Singapore Status:  Construction Stage

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  • GIP Office at OCBC

    GIP Office at OCBC

    Type: Commercial Location: OCBC Centre, Singapore Status: Completed The design drew inspiration from the idea of transparency with the intent…

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  • Waterbay


    Type: EC Location: Singapore Status: In-progress        

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  • Tavistock


    Type: Landed Location: Tavistock, Singapore Status: Schematic Design Stage Situated at Tavistock Avenue near Serangoon Garden, the Semi-Detached House was…

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  • Fernvale House

    Fernvale House

    Type: BTO 3 Room Location: Singapore Status: Completed  

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  • Toyhouse


    The brief was to design a house that displays the client’s affection - a toy collection which consists of Ironman…

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  • Bench


    As an epilogue of the closing ceremony "Fields of Dreams - Tribute to the National Stadium" held at the National…

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  • Plyroom


    The approach for Plyroom was meant to be minimal; for comfort and for the mind to relax.

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  • FundHive Gallery

    FundHive Gallery

    Scale Studio was commissioned to invigorate the interior of a show flat for the launch of a Residential and Hotel…

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