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Portfolio Category: Commercial

GIP Office at OCBC

Type: CommercialLocation: OCBC Centre, SingaporeStatus: CompletedThe design drew inspiration from the idea of transparency with the intent to express the state of being “transparent”,  The notion of transparency is important in shaping the business and personal interaction. The idea of withholding or cleverly reshaping information is no longer a viable option for this new era,…
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FundHive Gallery

Scale Studio was commissioned to invigorate the interior of a show flat for the launch of a Residential and Hotel Development. Taking advantage of the high ceiling space, the team has adopted the use of vertical elements to accentuate the verticality of the space. The design of the space is inspired by the tropical modern palette, with light colours and subtle use wood and greens as the primary materials. The interior space is defined by a series of frames which act as visual dividers to create a signature backdrop for the showflat. Marking the entrance and the end wall are two spectacular green walls that liven the experience.
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